Authorization Information/授权信息

Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome网站的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!



The Future of Mankind ©James Moore

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a big support from James Moore, who allow us to use materials on FOM ( for a normative dissemination and promotion work for Billy case and FIGU information.
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们很荣幸地得到了James Moore(先生)的大力支持,允许我们使用FOM (上的素材,用于Billy案例和FIGU资讯的规范传播和推广。

We are very cherish this honor, and will make a good use of these excellent English achievements which have been worked hard to achieve by many parties.

Actually, before this, James has already given us a lot of help and guidance, which have played a very good and necessary role in promoting our study&research process.

Also, the FOM ( operated by James is also a role model and benchmark for Saalome, which we will try to build into a reliable bridge between Chinese world and English world in this field.
不仅如此,James运营的FOM (,也是Saalome的榜样和标杆,我们会努力将后者打造成一个中文世界的Futureofmankind,从而构建起一个中文世界与英文世界在这一领域里的沟通桥梁。

All of this can not be separated from the hard work and strong support of James Moore and other excellent English participants who behind the scenes, and we have full respect and gratitude for this.
所有这一切,都离不开James Moore和其他优秀的英文参与者在幕后的辛勤付出和有力支持,我们应该对此保有十足的尊重和感谢。

Thanks to James Moore!
感谢James Moore!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!