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This is with reference to The Talmud of Jmmanuel, Chapter 1, verse 1.
这是参考自「The Talmud of Jmmanuel」,第1章,第1节的内容。

It states:

This is the boook and arcanum of Jmmanuel, who is called ‘the one with godly knowledge,’ who is the son of Joseph, grandson of Jacob, a distant descendant of David.
这是「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)的著作和奥义,他被称为‘the one with godly knowledge/具有神一般学识的人’,他是「Joseph」(即:约瑟夫)的儿子,「Jacob」(即:雅各布)的孙子,「David」(即:大卫)的遥远后裔。

Yet we know that Jmmanuel was begotten by Gabriel, which means that he was not the son of Joseph, nor was he the grandson of Jacob, nor a distant descendant of David.

Yet the Talmud painstakingly goes through the genealogy of Joseph as if to show some special connection between Jmmanuel and Adam, who was himself begotten by Semjasa, the leader of the celestial sons.
然而,「Talmud」一书却极力透过「Joseph」(即:约瑟夫)的宗谱,塑造一个…{在「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)和「Adam」(即:亚当)之间…似乎存在某种特殊联系}…的假象,后者(即:亚当)本身是由…「Celestial Sons/天空之子」的领袖…「Semjasa」所生。-[注]


根据「Contact Report/接触报告」-009#(1975年03月21日)的说明:


——完整资讯详见往期推文“〄… 人类简史「A Brief History of Humankind」. info”(如下):
〄… 人类简史「A Brief History of Humankind」. info

Clearly there was no connection at all.

So why give this genealogy and not the genealogy of Mary, which would have made more sense?



That’s to show that Joseph was a direct descendant of Adam and of Semjasa.

In historical terms this lineage is of more importance than that of Mary.

Here is an excerpt of a text about Jmmanuel that has not yet been published (uncorrected translation by CF, made somewhat in a hurry):
这里有一段…{尚未被发表的…关于「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)}…的文本摘录(Christian Frehner尚未修正的译文,显得多少有些匆忙):

Jewish history has been written down by scribes who have put together a chronicle which makes no sense.
In other words:
Practically two thirds of it is pure fabrication and has been put together to an invented chronicle by 12 self-appointed prophets who went into the desert and wrote down 240 ‘books’ during 40 days, which then were the foundation of the second Thora.
‘Jewish history/犹太人的历史’…是由‘scribes/抄书吏们’写下来的,这些人编纂了一部毫无意义的「Chronicle/编年史」。
其中有差不多三分之二…都是纯粹的捏造,并被12个自封的(所谓)「Prophets/先知(们)」将其编篡在一起…搞成了一部‘invented chronicle/人为捏造的编年史’,这些(所谓的)「Prophets/先知(们)」走进沙漠,并在40天时间里写下了240本‘books/书’,之后,这些‘books/书’成为了‘the second Thora/第二Thora’的基础。

The matter regarding Joseph is as follows:
He was the son of a certain Jakob/Jacob, by trade a shipbuilder and a carpenter from Tiberia.
Jmmanuel’s father Joseph, also a shipbuilder and carpenter, derived from the Adam lineage which began about 13,500 years ago through his (Adam’s) fathering by the extraterrestrial Semjasa.
The human beings of the Adam lineage became very old, thus they, as a rule, procreated their offspring during their higher age, as an average when they were 169 years old.
Up to Jmmanuel’s father Joseph all descendants of the Adam lineage were without belief/faith and didn’t belong to Jewry/Judaism.
Their knowledge was based on the ancient traditional Spirit Teachings which led back to Nokodemion and which were transmitted by Semjasa’s people.
Therefore, they were not faithful ones, but knowledgeable ones.
With a clear conscience one could call them as persons who did not belong to any denomination/religion.
The same holds true for Jmmanuel who firstly was thought by his parents Joseph and Mary in the teachings, and later by his extraterrestrial ‘fathering-father’ Gabriel, with whose help the young Jmmanuel went to India, but returned again sometimes later.
Mother Mary was not of Jewish faith, too, and she also came from Tiberia and was the daughter of a family of traders.


此处的时间标注“about 13,500 years ago”应为“about 113,500 years ago”,即:距今大约113,500年前。

「Adam」(即:亚当)世系的「Human Beings/人类」都已经变得非常古老,因此,通常情况下,他们也会在其更高龄的阶段生育后代,像是平均来说,当他们169岁时。
他们的知识…基于远古传统的「Spirit Teachings/精神教义」,这些「Spirit Teachings/精神教义」可以追溯至「Nokodemion」,并经由「Semjasa」的‘people/子民’传承下来。
因此,他们不是‘faithful ones/信徒’,但却是‘knowledgeable ones/知识渊博之人’。
母亲「Mary」(即:玛丽)也没有‘Jewish faith/犹太人的信仰’,但她同样是来自「Tiberia/提比利亚」,是一位商人家庭的女儿。

The genealogy of Jmmanuel is important only to show that the beginning of his lineage leads back to an extraterrestrial origin, and that, in a way, the extraterrestrial who fathered Adam, i.e. Semjasa, was an earlier personality of the extraterrestrial who fathered Jmmanuel, i.e. Gabriel.
After Semjasa’s death, his spirit form incarnated again several times, of course with different personalities.
And the last personality at the time of Jmmanuel’s fathering was Gabriel.
This Semjasa was a cousin of the chief ringleader Semjasa.
「Jmmanuel」 (即:以马内利)的宗谱之所以这么重要,只是为了表明:他的世系起源…可以追溯至一个‘extraterrestrial origin/外星人源头’,而这,从某种意义上来说,(就可以佐证…)「Adam」(即:亚当)的父亲,也就是外星人「Semjasa」,是…{「Jmmanuel」(即:以马内利)的父亲,也就是外星人「Gabriel」(即:加百利)}…的一个更早期「Personality/人格」。
在「Semjasa」死后,他的「Spirit Form/灵魄」又‘incarnated/人格化’(即:转世)了好多次,当然,(每一次)都具有不同的「Personalities/人格」。
这个「Semjasa」(即:亚当的父亲),是那个‘chief ringleader/首恶’-「Semjasa」的堂兄弟。


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