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资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Gaiaguys”
资讯来源:「FIGU Forum」资讯链接随问题注释)
资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


1.) From FIGU short article titled Racism, Neo-Nazism, Extremism, and Anti-Semitism:

FIGU and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier definitely dissociate themselves from all those abstruse conspiracy theories that are disseminated worldwide through books and the Internet.
FIGU和’Billy’Eduard Albert Meier明确地把他们自己与…(所有那些通过书籍和互联网传播到世界各地的…深奥难懂的「Conspiracy Theories/阴谋论」)…分割开来。

Books like those written by Jan van Helsing (alias Jan Holey), and especially writings like the so-called ‘Records of the wise ones of Zion’ represent evil and defamatory machinations.
像是那些由Jan van Helsing(别名Jan Holey)写的书籍,以及…特别像是代表着邪恶和诽谤「Machinations/阴谋」的…所谓‘Records of the wise ones of Zion/锡安智者语录’的写作。

Especially the latter is a concocted work of madness in order to defame and destroy those humans who are of Jewish faith.
尤其是后者,完全是一种捏造的疯狂作品,其目的是为了诬蔑和摧毁那些怀有‘Jewish faith/犹太信仰’的‘humans/人’。

Practically all of these writings are a testimony of confused, religious and nazi-like fanaticism of the most degenerate format.

2.) A recent quote from a fanciful translator:
2.) 引述自一位空想译者近来的一句话:

And we do not publicly claim, nor personally ‘believe’ that the loathsome ‘Protocols of Zion’ ARE true, although we do THINK they are.
我们不会公开宣称,也不会在个人层面‘believe/相信’…那令人憎恶的‘Protocols of Zion/锡安协议’-‘ARE/是’真实的,尽管…我们的确‘THINK/认为’它们是真实的。

See any tension between the two statements?

Given statement#1, I’m quite curious why FIGU wants ANY association with the party representing the thoughts of #2.

Is that not a legitimate question/concern, especially considering how the translator twists the words of Semjase and the Plejarans and then pleads confusion and only corrects himself after he is called to account?

Remember the concept ‘tacit approval’?
还记得‘tacit approval/默许’这个概念吗?

That is what the FIGU appears to give him by allowing his twisted interpretations to be posted uncontested.

Should the moderators have allowed the first/original post?
版主应该允许…第一篇/最初的那一篇帖子…贴出来吗? (4th post from the top). (从最上方数的第四篇帖子)。

Clearly not.

But it is still there for all to see, without correction.

Not everyone follows the letter of every thread to the very end and reads the footnotes.

That is why I bring the matter to the attention of you, Mr. Billy.

Fair enough?

Dear Mr. Moderator,

In the event you have the ability to utilize sound judgment and ‘correct’ the translator’s original posting of the bad interpretation of the translation noted above on your own, then perhaps we do not need to bring the above question to Mr. Billy, since you are obviously sensitive to these matters, and you can substitute the below question instead.
在这件事上,您有能力自己运用‘sound judgment/谨慎的判断’,并‘correct/纠正’该译者…对上述译文做出糟糕‘interpretation/解译’…的原贴,那样的话,或许我们就不用再将上述问题提交给Billy先生了,因为您显然(应该)对这些问题有敏锐的判断,而且您可以用替代性问题取代下面的问题。



This kind of question has already been answered.

Gaiaguys are free to think for themselves, and since their translations of our texts – even if these are of a preliminary nature – are sought for by many people, we see no reason for withdrawing our permission.

Within this round of answers (further below in Eddy’s question) you find more information.

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

We are aware of the fact that Billy’s/FIGU’s texts are translated into many languages, and in several instances were used to build up fake contact cases etc. etc.
我们知道这个‘fact/情况’,即Billy/FIGU的文本…被翻译成许多种语言,并在某些情况下…被用来塑造虚假的‘contact cases/接触案例’等等。

Therefore we, the Core Group of 49 in Switzerland including Billy, distance ourselves from all the falsifications which are done based on our literature, and we only guarantee for the authenticity of the information on our own website
因此,我们在「Switzerland/瑞士」的「Core Group of 49/核心小组49」,包含Billy在内,将我们自己远离…所有那些基于我们文献制作的‘falsifications/假货’,我们只确保…在我们自己网站(上…发布的信息的真实性。




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