FIGU Forum Q&A/FIGU论坛问答 – Sexuality

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资讯主题:FIGU论坛问答 之 “Sexuality”

资讯来源:「FIGU Forum」资讯链接随问题注释)
资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


Dear Billy,

I hope you are well.

Please forgive me for this rather long post.

I appreciate all of your answers to our questions.

Everything that you have explained is easy to understand.

However, I have noticed, over the past few years, that the only thing that some of us FIGU members and others find hard to understand is some of what you have written about homosexuality.

Personally, to me, I have always thought of sexual relations of any kind, between two men, to be gross.
就我个人来说,我始终认为任何类型的、介于两个男人之间的‘sexual relations/性关系’,都是令人作呕的。

And, the laws of the land in most countries support this.

I know we should not judge, but differing views, feelings and opinions have even caused emnity between some members.

Basicly you have said that there are two kinds of homosexuality.

The ‘natural thus against-nature’ kind in which some are born that way.
一种是‘natural thus against-nature/自然的,也即违反自然’的类型,基于这种类型的一些人,是生而如此。

And, the sodomistic kind caused by ‘degraded and perverted thinking.’
还有一种,是由‘degraded and perverted thinking/堕落和扭曲的思想’所造成的‘sodomistic/兽奸(的)’类型。

It seems to me that most people that I have observed on Earth, during my life, that profess to be gay, bisexual or homosexual were not really born that way, but rather because of experiences and influences, made a conscious decision to practice this lifestyle.

Some have even left homosexual ways behind (both kinds) and changed their lives with no desire to return to their former lifestyle because they said it did not work for them.

1) So, if a person practices a homosexual or Gay lifestyle with same sex experiences because they think they cannot change or that they were born that way, does this mean that they will be homosexual in the next life or lifetimes to come?
1) 所以,如果一个人是因为他/她们认为自己无法做出改变,又或是(因为)他/她们生而如此,从而践行一种「Homosexual/同性恋」或「Gay/同性恋者(男)」的生活方式,并伴随相同‘sex experiences/性体验’的话,那这是否意味着:他们会在下一世,又或是在其余下的人生中…(继续)成为「Homosexual/同性恋」呢?

2) And, if someone has become homosexual because of a confusion of consciousness, or because of being born that way because of a short tunover time in the beyond, or for whatever other reason, what can this person do to end the confusion in their present lifetime if they choose to do so?
2) 还有,如果一个人是由于…(「Consciousness/意识」的‘confusion/困惑’,又或是因为在「Beyond/另一边」-[注] ‘turnover/周转’的时间太短…因而生而如此,再或是因为任何其它)的原因…而变成「Homosexual/同性恋」的话,那这些人能做些什么…以终结他/她们在当前人生中(所面临)的‘confusion/困惑’呢,如果他/她们选择这么做的话?


这里的意思是,「Spirit Form/灵魄」在完成/结束/被终结某一世的物质进化使命之后,并在重返物质世界开启新一世的物质进化使命之前,期间所处的那个“维度”、“空间”、“层次”,这个概念常以「Beyond/另一边」做表述。

In my opinon, it all comes down to what we fill our minds with.

Thinking and acting logically and having a CLEAR CONSCIOUSNESS will determine the quality our lives in the future, even if one chooses to remain single (for the time being) for the sake of spiritual strength.
有逻辑地‘Thinking/思考’和‘acting/行动’,并有一个‘CLEAR CONSCIOUSNESS/清晰的意识’,将决定我们未来生活的品质,即使一个人为了(保有)‘spiritual strength/精神意志力’而选择保持单身(暂时)。

Best regards and Salome,

Lonnie Morton
Lonnie Morton


‘Sodomistic’ means (in German): sex with animals.

Therefore, such a sexual degeneration may not compared with homosexuality.
因此,这样一种‘sexual degeneration/性退化’不应与「Homosexuality/同性恋」相提并论。

While sodomy (= sexual actions with animals, by men and women) is depraved/degenerated and gives cause for much suffering on this planet (diseases! Aids), homosexuality is a variety or kind of sexuality that is performed/felt/etc. by a minority of the human population only, and is, compared with heterosexuality, ‘natural, but against nature’ (due to the fact that no offspring may result from the sexual union).
「Sodomy/兽奸」{由‘men/男人(们)’和‘women/女人(们)’发起的…与动物的‘sexual actions/性行为’}是‘depraved/堕落’/‘degenerated/退化’的,并给这颗「Planet/星球」带来了诸多苦难(疾病!「Aids/艾滋」),而「Homosexuality/同性恋」仅仅只是总人口中的少数…所‘performed/表现’/‘felt/感觉’/等出来的…各种或某种「Sexuality/性特征」,且相较于「Heterosexuality/异性恋」来说,这种「Sexuality/性特征」是‘natural, but against nature/自然的,但又违反自然’(这是由于…这种类型的‘sexual union/性结合’不会产生后代…的事实)。

1) A homosexual person will not be homosexual in his next life or lifetimes to come.
1) 一个「Homosexual/同性恋」者有可能在他的下一世,或是在其余生…不再是一个「Homosexual/同性恋」。

Note: There doesn’t exist a karma which would ‘demand’ such a ‘heritage’/effect.

2) There’s no general answer or solution.
2) 也不存在一般性的答案或是(通用的)解决方案。

This depends on each person’s ‘confusion’ and the reasons behind it.

There may be psychological or even psychiatric means necessary.

The main factor however is one’s own thinking and feeling.




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