Contact Report 071/第071次接觸報告

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Contact Report 071第071次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 2








中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-第071次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)





Semjase upon approval and after conferring with her colleague Quetzal presents the partial futurological estimations for 1977. Recorded partially on a prophetic basis and partially within the Plejaren programme of probability calculations and foresights.


This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.



  1. During the course of our conversation on 6th of January, at our last contact, you asked me about various future matters, which I answered only poorly for you.


  1. This occurred, as I was not, or not yet, informed about what and how much of the coming events of the Earth year 1977, as well as the subsequent decades and the third millenium can be publicly revealed to the humans of the Earth.


  1. In this respect I consulted with Quetzal, who gave me the exact values, so I may now in this way provide further details to you.


  1. With this it is to be understood that my information are partly on a prophetic basis and and are partly recorded in the programme of our probability calculations and foresights.


請參閱Future Of Mankind網站對這兩個名詞的解釋:

Prophecy:A description of a future event or set of events that will occur if certain actions by a humanity doesn’t change the circumstances surrounding the event in order to prevent the specific arrangement of circumstances moving into the positioning necessary for it to become reality.
Prediction:A description of a future event or set of events that is unalterable and unavoidable. Usually written in a partially concealed manner due to that fact. This is in contrast to a Prophecy which is alterable and avoidable subject to human intervention. And different again to a Probability Calculation, which is a different kind of measure, quantifying likelihood and chance.]

  1. Now listen to the values, which are of unfortunate hardship, worse than all the years before, and which you should quote according to numbers:


  1. 1) Severest earthquakes, in their extent worse than anything since 900 years before, will shake the Earth from 1977 till far into the future and far into the third millennium and change the surface of the planet and its climate.

1) 最嚴重的地震,其造成損害的程度比900年前的任何地震都要嚴重,地球將從1977年到未來,陸續都會發生地震,並持續到公元2000年後,因而改變了地球表面地貌及其氣候。

  1. The number of the deaths will be much higher than in the last 50 years prior to 1976.


  1. Due to submarine volcanoes, new islands will be formed, whereby our analysis reveals that the first island of this type will emerge near Japan.


  1. Existing islands and small parts of the mainland will sink several centimeters in the floods of the oceans, or get pushed up several centimeters, while on the mainland smaller and larger shifts of land will occur.


  1. In 1977 all those countries that were already shaken by quakes in 1976 are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes.


  1. Becoming noticeable this year is also the great fault from San Francisco to Alaska, as well as areas in Austria, in Switzerland and Germany, which will be affected by various quakes.

今年最引人注目的區域,是從舊金山(San Francisco)到阿拉斯加(Alaska),以及奧地利(Austria)、瑞士德國地區的巨大斷層,這些地區將受到各種地震的影響。

  1. This year then also the African continent and island nations in Oceania will be shaken by quakes, as also Russia etc.


  1. 2) Several volcanoes around the globe will during the coming decades in sudden and unexpected eruptions spew out red hot earth and destroy many thousands of human lives.

2) 在未來幾十年裡,全球幾座火山將會突然意外地爆發,噴出的岩漿與火山灰,將摧毀成千上萬人的生命。

  1. The beginning for these coming events will already take place within the next few days, when several thousand people on the African continent will be eliminated by a severe volcanic eruption in the nation of Zaire.




尼拉貢戈火山 (2004年攝)

The most amazing video of Nyiragongo lava lake Congo Africa


  1. 3) At the beginning of the year 1977, snowfalls will rise to exceptionally high levels and claim many victims.

3) 1977年初,將有異常大量的降雪,並造成許多人受害。

  1. Even large areas, which otherwise have no snowfall, will be covered by great snow masses and fall into difficulty, by which enormous temperature drops will lead to very many deaths from exposure in many nations, not only in nations used to snow, but also in areas not used to snow and cold.


  1. Due to the unusual heavy snowfalls, beginning already tomorrow, many nations around the Earth will be affected and it will claim uncountable victims, which will to an unusual extent also be the case in the coming decades and into the next millennium.


  1. Smaller and larger villages will be cut off from the outside world, and even air travel routes of entire nations will need to be temporarily discontinued.


  1. The end of the snowfalls and sudden falls in temperature/climate brings minor and major catastrophes, because in the entire world, avalanches will follow, which will bring much suffering and distress to the humans of the Earth.


  1. In addition to many human and animal victims, large areas of landscape will also be affected, when they will be destroyed by falling avalanches, along with roads, railway lines and buildings of the humans.


  1. 4) In the course of the coming decades and far into the third millennium, tremendous snowfalls all over the world will lead to very bad seasonal summers for many, many countries, for great droughts will occur and destroy seed and harvest, thus however also enormous storms and thunderstorms will cause havoc and damage worldwide, whereby also the whole of Europe will not be spared, not from huge floods too.

4) 在未來幾十年和進入公元2000年後的時間中,世界各地的大雪將給許多國家帶來非常惡劣的季節性夏天(seasonal summers),因為將發生大旱,會破壞種子和收成,也將在全世界形成巨大的風暴雷雨,造成嚴重的破壞和傷害,因此整個歐洲也將難以倖免於特大的洪水

  1. 5) Due to the coming drought periods till well into the third millenium, unusually large land and forest areas throughout the world will be destroyed by wild fire, and to a great extent especially around the time of the changing millenium.

5) 由於即將到來的乾旱期一直會持續到公元2000年後,全世界十分龐大的土地和森林地區將被野火燒毀,特別是在2000年前後時期。

  1. 6) When in some places, due to drought, need and misery reigns, many countries in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world will be flooded by mighty waters, claiming victims, both human and animal, and destroying much of the land and of man-made things.

6) 歐洲、亞洲和世界其他地區的許多國家有些地方,由於乾旱、生存需求和悲慘的統治下,將被大水淹沒,造成人類和動物的傷亡,並摧毀許多土地和人造建築。

  1. Also storm surges will roll across the oceans, breaking into islands and mainland and claiming their deadly tribute.


  1. 7) The world’s shipping will be cruelly hurt by oil catastrophes, as well as by shipwrecks of all kinds, and claim many victims.

7) 世界航運將受到石油災難和各種沉船的殘酷打擊,並造成許多受害者。

  1. Whole series of shipping catastrophes will occur and cost mankind sums in the range of thousands of millions.


  1. Especially the oil transport shipping is in the year 1977 and till far into the third millenium seriously endangered, by technical failures etc. of the transport vessels, as well as by natural forces, which rebel against humans’ exploitation of Earth’s petroleum, the interrelations of which the human of the Earth, however, is not able to understand and grasp, well, not even knowing them or not accepting them.


  1. But the Earth is now ablaze in rage and defends itself, by which it again removes from man the deprived matter, and in so doing, pollutes and destroys those areas, which are very important factors for humans’ continued existence, also for the nourishment, namely the oceans.


  1. The powers of nature, defending itself, have declared war against the human and hit him hardest, where his pulse of life beats.


  1. Namely, when this is destroyed, then no living creature will be able to exist any more on Earth.


  1. Due to tanker catastrophes, large quantities of oil are to be set free, which swim as mighty and all-destroying carpets on the water, contaminate the water, kill life forms, and finally sink as a deadly and many-years lasting slick to the seabed and cover the shores underneath with a tough deadly mass and destroy them.


  1. So the powers of nature defend themselves against the insanity of the human of the Earth, in order to destroy him, for when the human disappears from the Earth’s surface, only then will Earth be able to regenerate itself, which then however, may take thousands of millions of years and may put it back to its primal state.


  1. But as this doesn’t need to happen, the human being has still a small chance, if he rapidly discontinues all exploitation and thus does not exploit the Earth any further in the current manner.


  1. But this means that an immediate stop of all exploitation must be worked out and implemented and at the same time a worldwide strict birth control and a minimum seven-year birth stop is enforced.


  1. There is still time for the human of the Earth to save himself/herself, but the time for doing so has become very scarce, for no more than four hundred or five hundred years remain, to save himself/herself and to align with the laws and recommendations of nature.

地球人類仍有時間拯救自己,但這樣做的時間已經非常少,因為拯救自己符合自然法則和建言(the laws and recommendations of nature)的時間,不超過四百或五百年。

  1. He/she needs therefore in the course of this time to become rational and to learn how to handle anything in such a way that there will no regress but an intentional progress.


  1. 8) The year 1977 and all the times of the upcoming decades until well into the third millenium will bring a great deal of suffering through warfare for the human of the Earth.

8) 1977年以及未來幾十年中直至公元2000年後的所有時期,戰爭將給地球人類帶來莫大的痛苦。

  1. The abuses of the terrorists, anarchists, neo-Nazis and all extremist trends as well as power-addicted ones will also rise sharply and encroach upon new means for murdering, by which many humans will die an evil death.


  1. The main causes of this are the second-world war concern in relation to the persecution of the Jews and the hatred against Jews, as well as the country of Israel, created after the war, and the nations sympathetic with latter.


  1. Guilty in regard to the coming and senseless shedding of blood are all those, who are not Israel-cooperative and are seeking their satisfaction in the hatred against races, aliens as well as people of other beliefs.


  1. Already, in the north-east of the Middle East, the idea of a worldwide wavering ware at the Persian Gulf threatens, stirred up by the plottings of a mad and power-hungry Iraqi, who will become head of state in 1979.


  1. The day is no longer distant, when the idea comes to a breakthrough and a worldwide multinational combat troop comes into play, when the destructive war breaks out, which already glimmers in the basic thoughts of the upcoming ruler.


  1. This evil threatening event can only be prevented if the nations of the Earth agree with each other, and in unity dissolve the evil machinations of the upcoming head of state at their very basis, thereafter all borders of all neighboring nations shall be opened and a united government for the entire territory over there formed and taking up its function.


  1. This alone guarantees to achieve the long sought true peace in that territory, and to also maintain it, whereby however one must principally explain, that a united government must not be formed and applied in a dictatorial manner, but in a form of leading the folk.


[中譯者註:自1979年至2003年,薩達姆.海珊(Saddam Hussein;或薩達姆.侯賽因),成為伊拉克的獨裁者,任伊拉克總統、伊拉克總理、阿拉伯復興社會黨總書記、伊拉克革命指揮委員會主席與最高軍事將領等職。

  1. 9) The year 1977 will basically be a year of murder, at the grand as well as the small level.

9) 1977年基本上是殺戮的一年,無論在規模上有大有小。

  1. No country on the Earth will be spared, because many-a-place will experience quite evil massacres which will break out and claim countless humans as victims.


  1. Switzerland, too, will not be spared, even in other forms and to a lesser degree.


  1. Murders and other killings of hatred, despair and revenge etc. will rapidly increase in number, as well as murders in a purely criminal and sectarian form, which will also spread to the later decades.


  1. Entire families will especially in the coming time period and beyond the turn of the millenium fall victim to the bloodthirstiness of the most various elements, whereby spouses will kill each other, as well as many parents will kill their children.


  1. Trivialities will appear as justification for the bloodsheds, and the murdering elements will even feel that they are right.


  1. The judging bailiffs will be overburdened with all these coming events, and in their irrational naivety they will grant these murderous elements all kinds of extenuating circumstances, concessions and in doing so will promote the continuation of the series of murders.


  1. 10) The year 1977 brings to scientists of all branches a great many new discoveries, which well applied could bring the humans of the Earth a lot of positive progress, which, however, following the old pattern, converted into negative values, bring the humans death and destruction.

10) 1977年間,所有領域的科學家都有許多新的發現,這些發現如果好好應用,可以為地球人類帶來許多積極的進展。然而按照以往的情況,通常都應用在負面的價值上,反而帶給人類更多的死亡和毀滅。

  1. In the medical science, unimagined discoveries are made and great successes recorded, but also in astronomy, chemistry, physics, and technology, which in its entirety will continue during all the coming decades until far into the third millenium, that starts on 1.1.2001, which will unfortunately be contested by misguided persons, because they want to choose the last year of the 20th century, so thus the year 2000 as begin of the third millenium.


  1. 11) During the year 1977, the scientists of one nation are developing an extremely dangerous and deadly weapon, namely the neutron bomb, by which the respective nation will win the greatest power.

11) 1977年,一個國家的科學家正在開發一種極其危險和致命的武器,即中子彈(neutron bomb),擁有這種武器的國家,將掌握莫大的力量。

  1. 12) During the third millenium several dangers from space are threatening, which however, I am not allowed to describe any further.

12) 在公元2000年之後,將會受到若干來自太空的危險威脅,但我不能再多描述這些危險的狀況。

  1. 13) From the next decade onwards several new and so far unknown to the human diseases will appear, which have partly originated in Africa and from monkeys, however also from the unintellect and the incredibility, that all sorts of dead and sick animals and even human extremities are processed into meatmeal, which is then fed to both carnivorous and vegetarian animals, which ingest the pathogens contained in the meatmeal, in the same way as the human, when her/him afterwards consuming the meat of these then slaughtered animals as food.

13) 從今後十年起,將會出現幾種人類至今未知的新疾病,部分起源於非洲和猴子,然而也可能來自不理解和不可思議的事實,那就是各種死亡和生病的動物甚至是人類的四肢,被加工成肉粉,然後餵食肉食動物和素食動物,這些動物吸收了在肉粉中所含的病原體,以同樣的方式,人類又食用了這些被屠宰的動物肉類食品,因而感染上那些病原體。


  1. 14) Air travel will suffer an unusually high amount of damage and will claim many victims, including so in the coming decades.

14) 包括在今後的幾十年中,航空旅行業將遭受異常嚴重的損失,並將造成許多人員的傷亡。

  1. These are the most important predictions for the year 1977 and for the coming decades, as well as for a longer period of the third millenium, in part based on probability calculations and on forecasts, as well as in a small part on prophetic statements.


  1. To explain more about it officially, I am not permitted, so I have to leave it here with only this.


  1. Use the statements in a good way and make them, according to the necessity, also known to the governments of the Earth.



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